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Making Strides Conclusion

Making Strides Conclusion published on No Comments on Making Strides Conclusion

Thanks again to everyone who donated. Go Team Shine!

Pip: Hey, everyone! This is Pip Bernadette, your official breast appreciation spokesperson, reporting for duty! The Making Strides walk was today. Let’s see how the fundraising went.

Erin’s original goal was to raise $1000. Have you heard the phrase “giving a hundred and ten percent”? Because that’s exactly what you guys did. I could kiss every one of you! Well, maybe just the cute ones.

Say, where did Erin get to, anyway? We should ask how the actual walk went down…

[still hasn’t finished drawing $1,110 worth of artwork]

Pip: Officer Victoria! We’re going to need a filler week. Call your Master and break open your closet, stat!

Seras: Aye, aye, Captain!

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