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Act 12 Page 6

Act 12 Page 6 published on No Comments on Act 12 Page 6

Walter: Sir Integra, you’re a natural at this. Gareth’s on the phone.

Integra: Status report?

Gareth: Sir, we’ve silenced the host.

We’re combing the area for ghouls. No human survivors found.

Integra: Bring back some of the ghoul remains.

Gareth: It’s just dust, sir–

Integra: Then bring back dust. Use a vacuum cleaner if necessary.

Gareth: Yes, sir.

Walter: Sir, why do you want ghoul dust?

Integra: To make smoothies out of.

Walter: Eh?

What Is It Good For 20/25

What Is It Good For 20/25 published on 1 Comment on What Is It Good For 20/25

“The mayor’s daughter was demanded by the commander of the occupying forces…

“It’s her! Someone has to save her!”

Grandpa Pip: La fille du maire était demandée par le commandant des forces occupantes…Elle a fui, mais elle était capturée…

C’est elle! Quelquún doit le sauver!

Occupation Forces HQ (Residence of Former Mayor)

Soldier: Military ship construction will be completed on schedule…uh…

Commander: Are you embarrassed because of her?

Don’t be. She’s not a human being. This girl is now nothing more than my dog.

[*translated from German]


Grandpa Pip: Zis “dog” iz going to be saved by…

War: Before there were the “Wild Geese”, you were…

Grandpa Pip: …Coyotes!

[*translated from German with a heavy French accent]

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