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Act 12 Page 3

Act 12 Page 3 published on 1 Comment on Act 12 Page 3

Pip: H-how did you…?

Teacher: Are you kidding? Every kid in the country is playing that “Sailor V” game. Now hurry up and get to lunch.

I swear, if it’s this popular by Halloween, they won’t sell any other costumes…

Pip (thinking): He doesn’t know anything. Calm down, Pip. Two days to the big one and you’re a nervous wreck.

Alex (thinking): It’s getting colder out. Everyone’s gone back to eating inside…

Pip’s eating with the Wild Geese. Looks like the team takes up the whole table. Drat. I wanted to talk to her…

What Is It Good For 18/25

What Is It Good For 18/25 published on No Comments on What Is It Good For 18/25

Grandpa Pip: “What turns you on…? Oh, you wouldn’t know.
Tell me if I hurt you, all right?”
(thinking) This is crazy! A pretty girl wants me, and I’m hesitating?
But for some reason, I don’t want her to get hurt…

Grandpa Pip: Qu’est-ce qui t’exite…? Ah, tu ne saurais pas.

Dites-moi si je te fasses du mal, d’accord?

Grandpa Pip (thinking): C’est fou! Une jolie fille me désire, et j’hésite?

Mais pour je ne sais quelle raison, je ne veux pas qu’elle souffre…

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