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Act 11 Page 13

Act 11 Page 13 published on No Comments on Act 11 Page 13

Arthur: When the time comes, you msut use the staff to release all of Alucard’s power. He has the strength to return, but only if your will is strong enough. Everything hangs on your strength and your pride — in family, country, God, and self.

All you need to do is shine.

Shine, Integral…

[fzzt fzzt fzzt]

What Is It Good For 13/25

What Is It Good For 13/25 published on 1 Comment on What Is It Good For 13/25

War: Yes, yes, very nice, soldier. Very dramatic. 20/20.

But can you really say there’ nothing else that could have a place in your heart?

Pip: There’s…one other master I would lay down my life for. But she’s much cuter than you.

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