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Act 11 Page 12

Act 11 Page 12 published on 1 Comment on Act 11 Page 12

Seras: A century…? Then who was the Master of Monster before Sir Integra?

Arthur: I was.

Integra: Walter did say you used to have a pin like this…

Kim: does that mean you used to wear a sailor suit too?

Alex/Pip/Seras (thinking): Trying not to picture that…

Arthur: I’m running low on power…

Once this program stops, it won’t be able to start again, so I’ll hurry. Integral…you are a sailor knight and a knight of England, member of a royal order, and the Master of Monster.

What Is It Good For 12/25

What Is It Good For 12/25 published on No Comments on What Is It Good For 12/25

The line Pip refers to is Luke 16:13.

Pip: Grand-père was right, of course. These days, I do everything for money. We mercenaries, the “Wild Geese”…our loyalty begins and ends with golden eggs.

You know that line about how you can’t serve two masters? Sorry, Scarlet, but your claim comes too late.

I’ve already given this eye to money. And it’s money that has first dibs on the rest of me.

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