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Act 11 Page 11

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Alex: Sir — Lord Van Helsing — there’s a problem. The Enemy threw our attacks back at this vampire, Alucard. He was hit with too much silver to survive.

Sailor Hellsing caught him, but it was too late. He melted into the Tower of London. She insists he’s still alive, but…

Arthur: Then he is alive. Integral has a special connection to him. She knows. Don’t think you’re dealing with just another vampire.

He will not die so easily. Just as you, Sailor Regenerator, are a product of experiments with human technology, he is the result of nearly a century of Hellsing’s work.

The vampire Alucard…

What Is It Good For 11/25

What Is It Good For 11/25 published on 1 Comment on What Is It Good For 11/25

Grandpa Pip: “You’ll understand one day. After all…

“It’s your destiny to continue the family business.”

Grandpa: Tu vas le comprendre un jour. Après tout…

C’est ton destin de continuer l’enterprise de la famille.

Pip: Grand-père alwasy did know best.

War: He had his moments, I’ll give him that.

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