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Act 11 Page 7

Act 11 Page 7 published on No Comments on Act 11 Page 7


Integra: What do you know? I just had to point the staff at the lock.

Alex: *twitch*

Integra (thinking): I wonder what else this staff can do…

Pip: It’s pitch black in here.

Seras: Really? I can see just fine…

Integra: That’s because you’re a vampire, Seras. What do you see?

Seras: Well…this is going to sound weird, but…

Integra: But what?

Seras: But, it looks like the hilt of a sword…buried in the floor.

What Is It Good For 9/25

What Is It Good For 9/25 published on No Comments on What Is It Good For 9/25

Grandpa Pip: “Our family has been mercenaries for eight generations. All the way back to your great-great-great-great-grandfather.

“Your own father died fighting in Columbia, trying to earn some money in preparation for your birth.”

Little Pip: “But why?

“Why do you have to kill people?”

Grandpa Pip: “For money! Aren’t you listening to me?”

Grandpa: Dans notre famille, on est mercenaire depus huit générations. Jusqu’au bout ton arrière-arrièrre-arrièrre-arrièrre grand-père.

Ton propre père est mort en combat à Columbia, en essayent gagner l’argent en vue de ta naissance.

Pip: Mais pourquoi?

Pourquoi doit-on tuer les gens?

Grandpa: Pour l’argent! Tu m’écoutes, ouI?

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