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Act 11 Page 2

Act 11 Page 2 published on No Comments on Act 11 Page 2

Integra: It’s locked…as expected, of course, but it never hurts to check.

Narration: What he said was, “If you are ever faced with an unbeatable enemy…go to the forgotten dungeon in the basement of this house.” So here we are.

The seal (maybe red paint, but most likely blood — but hose blood?) suggests that there’s something worth looking for locked behind this door.

Alex: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Pip: Break it down?

Alex: Yep.

Alex/Pip: Human Power…/Regenerator Power…Make Up!!

Internet Integra Hunt: Integra Protect

Internet Integra Hunt: Integra Protect published on 1 Comment on Internet Integra Hunt: Integra Protect

Erin: This is one of my favorite types of email to wake up to. If you’ve found a product with “Integra” in the name, by all means, send me a picture!

Letter: I’ve noticed that you are, probably, the biggest Integra fan in the world. And that you enjoy finding things with the name on it. As a result, I present to you, assuming you have not yet been presented with it, another Integra product. I would have to say, it’s the perfect treat for Alucard as well!

Erin: …WANT.

Alucard: Erin, it’s dog food! And anyway, I have dibs!

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