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Act 12 Page 9

Act 12 Page 9 published on No Comments on Act 12 Page 9

Integra (thinking): As long as I’m here, may as well check out the Sailor V game. Still haven’t gotten around to playing it.


[What are those things? They’re not human…]
[We were sent to apprehend a priest who…]

Integra (thinking): A village with a vampire priest…D-11 sent in…a girl turned vampire…this is Seras’ story.

And that’s Alucard.

As soon as the battle is won, I need to have this game investigated.

What Is It Good For 23/25

What Is It Good For 23/25 published on 1 Comment on What Is It Good For 23/25

War: Someday I’ll show you another flashback. An even older one. About a little boy whose heart has always held Love and War in perfect harmony.

But there’s no time for that now. You need to wake up.

What Is It Good For 22/25

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Pip: That was my grandmother! Grand-mère Natalie!

War: That’s right. Your grandfather joined the cause to save her.

And for the next few years, he was an exemplary member of the French Resistance. Fighting for me.

Pip: No! Weren’t you paying attention? Grand-père was doing it for love!

War: You think love and war are different?

Act 12 Page 7

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Integra: I need some air. I’m going for a walk.

Integra (thinking): Sunset…it’s getting dark faster. Even now, I’m not sure if Alucard will be ready to fight when I call him. If only I’d known how to release his powers earlier.

Alucard…and Alunacard…

I wish I had one of them around to talk to…

Wait a minute!

Act 12 Page 6

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Walter: Sir Integra, you’re a natural at this. Gareth’s on the phone.

Integra: Status report?

Gareth: Sir, we’ve silenced the host.

We’re combing the area for ghouls. No human survivors found.

Integra: Bring back some of the ghoul remains.

Gareth: It’s just dust, sir–

Integra: Then bring back dust. Use a vacuum cleaner if necessary.

Gareth: Yes, sir.

Walter: Sir, why do you want ghoul dust?

Integra: To make smoothies out of.

Walter: Eh?

What Is It Good For 20/25

What Is It Good For 20/25 published on 1 Comment on What Is It Good For 20/25

“The mayor’s daughter was demanded by the commander of the occupying forces…

“It’s her! Someone has to save her!”

Grandpa Pip: La fille du maire était demandée par le commandant des forces occupantes…Elle a fui, mais elle était capturée…

C’est elle! Quelquún doit le sauver!

Occupation Forces HQ (Residence of Former Mayor)

Soldier: Military ship construction will be completed on schedule…uh…

Commander: Are you embarrassed because of her?

Don’t be. She’s not a human being. This girl is now nothing more than my dog.

[*translated from German]


Grandpa Pip: Zis “dog” iz going to be saved by…

War: Before there were the “Wild Geese”, you were…

Grandpa Pip: …Coyotes!

[*translated from German with a heavy French accent]

Act 12 Page 5

Act 12 Page 5 published on 1 Comment on Act 12 Page 5

Integra: Your men became ghouls.

Lieutenant: Eh?

Integra: Animated corpses that move under the vampire’s will. You did attend the lecture?

Lieutenant: Well, yes, but…I didn’t know they’d become something…inhuman!

Integra: You’re a lieutenant in the London police force. One would assume you have the necessary intelligence to assess the situation and respond accordingly. And yet you forgot that the only thing to do in these situations is to call on us.

Lieutenant: Now see here, “Sir” Integral Wingates Van Helsing! I didn’t come here to be insulted by a child —

Integra: Lieutenant? Shut up.

My organization has already sent units in. Your business with this is finished. Hellsing will take it from here.

Act 12 Page 4

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Alex (thinking): Well, I really wanted to talk to Integra, but she’s not here, and Pip’s the only other person who will talk to me.

Since when do I need people to talk to, anyway? Since an enemy showed up that I can’t deal with on my own?

All my regeneration power, and there’s nothing I can do to stop this creature. There are times when I feel like a failed science project…

But for all that, I’m not scared.

They say a strong commander can make a soldier’s heart burn. They’re right.

All of us — scared Seras, the inexperienced Pip, even that brat Kim — would follow Integra as far as Hell itself.

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