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The Eagle Has Landed 39/45

The Eagle Has Landed 39/45 published on 1 Comment on The Eagle Has Landed 39/45

Alucard (thinking): They’ve been training her against something fast. But not fast enough.


Maggie: oh god oh god

Alucard (thinking): Blood is the currency of life, the film of memory. All I have to do is drain this girl dry. Absorb her soul. Engrave her memories into my mind. If she’s a pawn, they won’t have told her their plans…but she must remember training. Then I’ll have some clue about why she can mimic Walter’s techniques so perfectly…

Maggie: I — I’m not scared of you!

Alucard: Of course you are. But still, you’ll never give up.

Alucard (thinking): Walter’s not the only person you remind me of.

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