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Act 10 Page 13

Act 10 Page 13 published on No Comments on Act 10 Page 13

Seras: …do you trust your father?

I trusted my father, and I trust my sire…that’s the word for the vampire who bit you and changed you, isn’t it? Well, he’s my Master, just as you are his. And I trust him, as I trust you.

Who do you trust? Sir Integra?

The Eagle Has Landed 23/45

The Eagle Has Landed 23/45 published on 1 Comment on The Eagle Has Landed 23/45

Integra: Walter. Are we ready?

Walter (thinking): Were they standing that close together before…?

Walter: Yes, Sir Integra.

The plane has been customized, according to your specifications. Even the more…unique ones.

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