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Act 10 Page 12

Act 10 Page 12 published on No Comments on Act 10 Page 12

Pip: That’s it! Integra, your dad knew all about vampires, right? And clearly he knew you’d hit a point when you needed answers! Who’s to say he didn’t know about this enemy too?

Kim: oh, that would be a perfect plot twist! just like a soap opera or something! i bet we find a dusty old notebook with a memoir written inside it! oh, and an inspirational message for integra!

Integra: Really, Kim, this isn’t a soap opera!

Alex: No, but maybe she’s partly right. Your father was a world-renowned vampire hunter. If anything like this has ever happened before…he might be the only person in the world with a record of it.

Integra: Not you too…! Look, I’ve been down in the sublevels. It’s all either locked or empty. There’s nothing there.

Alex: Well, if there are locked parts…

Seras: Sir Integra…

The Eagle Has Landed 22/45

The Eagle Has Landed 22/45 published on 1 Comment on The Eagle Has Landed 22/45

Integra: You are a monster. Your strength is unnatural. Inhuman. You can tear through armies like stalks of wheat. All while they shoot you and slice you and tear you to pieces.

You will endure this on my order. Suffer at my will. Because you are my monster. All your strength is mine to command.

Surely you’ve read my mind. Surely you haven’t missed it.

The things I want to order you to do…

Alucard: Master…

Integra: …like getting that rogue battleship back under control.

Alucard: You’re cruel.

Integra: Good. We’re even.

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