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Act 10 Page 8

Act 10 Page 8 published on No Comments on Act 10 Page 8

Integra: …He’s not dead.

Pip: Uh, Integra…he kinda melted into the Tower of London in a puddle of blood, remember?

Integra: I do. But the fact remains. He’s no more alive than he was — but he’s no deader, either. Let me show you something.


Remember: “This is the weapon of the Master of Monster.” I am the Master. With this, I can feel some things about the Monster. He’s been hurt. He isn’t ready to re-form. But he’s still in the Tower. Still not gone.

The Eagle Has Landed 19/45

The Eagle Has Landed 19/45 published on No Comments on The Eagle Has Landed 19/45

Integra: Once you get there, though, be careful. If it is those two…

They’re more competent than the Valentine Brothers…more malicious than that chordewa…more focused than the baobhan sith…and smarter than the succubus. They leave our entire rogues’ gallery in the dust.

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