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Act 10 Page 7

Act 10 Page 7 published on 1 Comment on Act 10 Page 7

Integra: In any case, you see why I can’t go to school. Can you imagine Mr. Fargason’s face on seeing that I gained 20 centimeters overnight?

Walter hasn’t seen me yet. He won’t pry if I tell him not to, but I’d rather not do that to him.

…What? Oh…you thought I was holed up in here pining for the masked vampire, didn’t you.

Alex: Nope.

Seras: No.

Pip: ‘Course not.

Kim: whatever gave you that idea?

Integra: You did. Well, I wasn’t. Besides…

The Eagle Has Landed 18/45

The Eagle Has Landed 18/45 published on 1 Comment on The Eagle Has Landed 18/45

Inside Alucard’s nifty little closed space…

Integra: I’m afraid Penwood may be corrupt. He’s not a strong man.

Alucard: And yet, you’re willing to use a plane provided by his department?

Integra: In this case, sabotage won’t make a difference.

The Incredibly Awesome Plane is just that fast. If a trap kicks in, or if you get shot down, you’ll still land on the target. Even if you have to crash into it.

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