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Act 9 Page 1

Act 9 Page 1 published on No Comments on Act 9 Page 1

Arthur: Integra?

Integra: Yes, Father?

Arthur: Vampires have no concern for human life. They will kill everyone close to you without a second thought.

To fight them effectively, you must be prepared to match them. You cannot show them mercy. They will show you none. Be ready for that, Integra.

Integra: But, Father, that means people will die…

Arthur: People will always die. As long as vampires exist, they will kill people. You can’t be afraid to let one person die if it will save many others.

Integra: Did you ever have to let an important person die, Father…?


Integra: 6 AM? And I’m awake?!

The Eagle Has Landed 2/45

The Eagle Has Landed 2/45 published on 1 Comment on The Eagle Has Landed 2/45

British National Security Special Guidance Division Headquarters.

Penwood: There you are, Sir Integra.

[British Royal Navy Vice-Admiral Sir Shelby M. Penwood]

Joker: Please, sit down.

[British Library Special Operations Commander Joe Carpenter “Joker”]

Integra: What’s the situation?

Walter: Sir, we know why we’re here.

Integra: Yes, but the readers may not.

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