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Gentlemen, I Fanboy War 13/21

Gentlemen, I Fanboy War 13/21 published on 1 Comment on Gentlemen, I Fanboy War 13/21

Doc fan: OHHHHooooooohh! Its the Rosty Toasty remote of DOOM! Ohoh! what dose this button do?! You are so awesome all covered in gore In white Bondage-ty gear…AFTER LABOR-DAY EVEN!

Major: *snerk*

Schrödinger: Purr.

Doc: All right, all right…

Doc fan: AND YOUR A MAD SCIENTIST! IMEANCOMEON! You make things form Nightmares just so you can, cuz comeon i know these people are not paying you all that well.

Doc: …they’re horrible. Let’s get rid of them.

Doc fan: AND YOU MADE A CATBOY! AHHH HOW AWESOME! YOU CAN ALSO TO DO THE EVIL CRACKLE JUST BEFORE YOU EXPLODE IN BLOODY GOOY BITS! which by the when are you planing to do that.. cuz my battery’s to my camera need recharging…

Bonus Act Page 1

Bonus Act Page 1 published on 1 Comment on Bonus Act Page 1

Walter: Code name: “Angel of Death.” I have fought in the most dangerous wars humanity has ever waged. I have done battle against the armies of the undead. So if you think you have any chance of surviving now that I have turned my eyes on you…

I’m afraid your hopes are sadly misplaced.

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