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Gentlemen, I Fanboy War 7/21

Gentlemen, I Fanboy War 7/21 published on 1 Comment on Gentlemen, I Fanboy War 7/21

Cornering Schrödinger from behind is Jen, who also writes for the webcomics Bloody Pages and Call Back.

Schrödinger: I passed our message on to Walter, He’s under our control.

“She” fan: People kept telling me that “She” was probably killed off during The Dawn, but I knew it wasn’t true! I KNEW IT!!! I knew that Millennium couldn’t complete its vampire research without her! I knew she needed to survive, AND SHE DID!!!

Captain fan: And when he strips down to fight Seras? Rawr! Give me those washboard abs! I wanna bounce a quarter off of them. That man/wolf is ripped! Makes me wanna do a bit howling at the moon myself.

Schrödinger: Nobody else knows who I am yet.

Schrö fan: Schrödinger was my first cat-boy love! I was just reading Hellsing and had never considered the fact that I would love cat-boys, but then you showed up and I was like

Schrödinger: The Draculina lets me sleep in her bed. Jealous?

Act 8 Page 10

Act 8 Page 10 published on 1 Comment on Act 8 Page 10

– We really need to find something to call him…Even if it’s just “Vampire Mask”…
– No! That’s silly!
– Naming a guy after the clothing he wears? Come on.
– it’s pretty unoriginal, all right.
– Okay, we’ll come up with something else. Go on, Seras.

Alucard (flashback): So you’re the punk who’s been rampaging around here? Two-bit terror. You have no power. You barely know what you are.

You have to rely on your ghouls to fight your battles. You can’t shapeshift. You have no foresight. That outfit is so last century. And you smell. You’re lower than trash.

Vampire: Another vampire? Why are you opposing me?

Seras: You don’t scare me…either of you…My father will be there soon…

Alucard: Schoolgirl, your father is dead.

Seras (narrating): I didn’t want to believe, but somehow, I knew….

Integra: Seras.

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