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Act 6 Page 10

Act 6 Page 10 published on No Comments on Act 6 Page 10

Crowd: Whoa! That was so cool! / How did you do that? / Can I have an autograph? / Can I just touch you?

Alex (thinking): I should have just lost early and gotten out of here!

Only one way to get out of this crowd…break free and run! I can outrun all of them eventually…

That’s the last of them! Even at normal speed, I can outrun any of them just by endurance. They tire so easily…poor humans.

Wait — what was that? Did I just think “poor humans”? As if I’m not a human myself! Ridiculous! Of course I am!

I am

[she’s crossing herself, folks]

I need to go back to the football field. I left my bag there.

Alex: Pip…?

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