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Act 6 Page 9

Act 6 Page 9 published on No Comments on Act 6 Page 9

Pip: Geez, Alex…you’re so good at this…

Are you sure you’re not secretly a vampire yourself?

Alex: How dare you? Vampires are monsters! Demons! Their whole existence is a blasphemy against God! I’d die before becoming one!

Pip: Hey, chill! I was just kidding!

Crowd (thinking): She’s completely stopped watching her game…

Crowd: Dodge! Quick! Or you’re going to die!


Let There Be Guns 41/48

Let There Be Guns 41/48 published on 1 Comment on Let There Be Guns 41/48

“Larry” is more often translated as Rally.

Integra: Do you know which way the attackers went? Can we follow them?

Minnie: Not to worry! Larry’s trailing them right–

Radio: *ksshh* Minnie? I’ll meet you back at the store.

Minnie: Aw! You lost the targets!

Radio: Yep. Turns out the targets had a high-speed jet.

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