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Act 6 Page 5

Act 6 Page 5 published on No Comments on Act 6 Page 5

Alex: So that’s why I’m staying after school.

Integra: I wish I could join you, but I need to be at work.

Alex: It isn’t like “Sailor Knights” are a popular myth or anything, right? Not in Italy, or in Scotland…

Integra: Not in any culture I’ve ever heard of. I’ll ask Alunacard if he knows how this game came to be.

Sailor Knights and vampires. In the same game. This is no coincidence.

Alex (thinking): Pip is really good at this game…strong, fast, coordinated. For a human who hasn’t been “enhanced,” she’s very impressive.

Let There Be Guns 39/48

Let There Be Guns 39/48 published on 1 Comment on Let There Be Guns 39/48



Integra: Oh, sure, now the fire department shows up.

Ann: The US military is on its way. Unless you want to answer awkward questions, you’d better take off. Minnie here can give you a ride.

Minnie May Hopkins: I don’t officially exist!

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