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Act 6 Page 2

Act 6 Page 2 published on 1 Comment on Act 6 Page 2

Alex (thinking): I know they don’t really believe in vampires. Like fairies, or aliens…fun to make up stories about, but not actual characters.

Chatter: You get points by taking up ghouls.

Alex (thinking): Still, I get jumpy when I say things like that.

Relax, Alex!

Chatter: Then you level up and start getting powers!

Alex (thinking): Don’t let your instincts take over.

Chatter: What kind of powers?

Alex (thinking): Don’t let the anger get the better of you–

Chatter: Well, if you drink blood–

Alex: What are you two talking about?!?

Student: Eep! The scary new student!

Pip: You go change. I’ll talk to her.

Alex (thinking): Ah — this is Pip Bernadette. Captain of the girls’ football team: the Wild Geese.

Pip: Your name’s Alexandra, right?

Alex (thinking): Until I came along, she was the strongest and tallest girl in school. She still holds one record, though: longest hair.

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