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Act 7 Page 10

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Integra: Are you behind all this?

Vampire: Me? You flatter me, Sailor Hellsing. I serve the same Master as these…what did you call them? “Dog-freaks”? I suppose I should thank you: you basically handed us a squadron of highly trained troops. Too good to waste as ghouls. They’re picking off your me nas we speak. By the order of our Master.

Integra: And who is that, vampire plaything? Whose tastes run to dogs and pretty blond boy-toys?

Vampire: What’s that supposed to mean?

Integra: I recognize you. You’re Paul Wilson, one of the SAS men. The shortest, lightest, and the only blond.

And you’re the only one running around in his boxers? You think that’s just coincidence?

Act 7 Page 8

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Integra (thinking): …or maybe not.

Alex: Dust to Dust!!

Integra: Search and Destroy!!

Pip: Kill a Monster!!

Alex: How many of these things did you say there were?

Kim: one behind you!

Integra: Fifty-five.

Alex: Dust to Dust!! Fifty-five dog-freaks?

Integra: Canine vampire servants.

Alex: Yeah, that.

Vampire: I think perhaps it is time to reveal myself.

Alex: Who would wnat even one dog-freak?

Pip: What about Alunacard?

Integra: He’s a different kind of dog-freak.

Act 7 Page 7

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Walter: Sir Integra, we’ve landed.

Integra: Gareth — I’m losing you —

Gareth (radio): Sir Integral, we’ve lost contact with Nelson —

Integra: Gareth! If you can hear me…withdraw!

Walter: Sir Integral — Integra! Wait! There’s nothing you can do for them on your own. You can’t just rush in there!

Integra: Walter…don’t tell me what I can’t do. I’ll be all right. Just trust me.

Act 7 Page 6

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Integra: Commander Gareth, report!

Gareth (radio): Sir Integra, we’ve found the SAS troops. We were right about vampires. They’ve all been killed.

But, sir…they’re not ghouls.

Integra: What?!

Gareth: They’re all freaks. Fifty-five vampire servants.

Integra: That’s bad.

Gareth: Very.

Integra (thinking): Something doesn’t feel right here…

Integra: Keep your men together — all eight divisions. And watch your backs.

Gareth: Yes, sir.

Integra (thinking): I hope the others get here soon…


Kim: can’t we…slow down…just a little?

Pip: Aren’t you supposed to have super-endurance or somethin’?

Kim: are we even sure this is the way integra said to go?

Pip: Well, pretty sure…

Alex: Look — that’s got to be it. Off to the left — the one with the tanks.

Act 7 Page 5

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Alucard (dream): he he he HA HA HA HAHAHA — SHRIIIEEK

Master (dream): Vampire, you have a new Master now.

Walter: Integra…Integra!

Wake up, Integra. The castle…it’s been demolished.

Integra: What time is it?

Walter: Close to midnight. The SAS troops are all missing, too. Every last one.

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