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Act 5 Page 8

Act 5 Page 8 published on No Comments on Act 5 Page 8

Kim: …cogito ergo sum!

Alex (thinking): That’s her whole ability? She thinks herself into being? Geez…

Brenner: These gloves? I came across them in a quaint little thrift shop. Unusual, aren’t they? Have you ever seen a design like this before?

Integra: Yes, actually.

And I’m still not convinced you’re ont a stalker.

Integra (thinking): They look so similar…his face shape, his broad shoulders. But not the same. The hair, the eyes, the teeth…there are human teeth in that maddening smug grin.

Let There Be Guns 24/48

Let There Be Guns 24/48 published on 1 Comment on Let There Be Guns 24/48

Sweetness is a cameo. The Phoenix is from Victoria.

Double-action Colt Detective .38 special, third issue.

The Phoenix
Gold-plated double-action Walther PPK. Silver-core 9mm browning short rounds.

Ann: Stand down, paper user. You’re helpless.

Dandy: Oh, am I…?


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