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Act 4 Page 14

Act 4 Page 14 published on No Comments on Act 4 Page 14

Alex: [grumble grumble grumble]

Integra: Kim — Sailor Ghoul — how do you feel?

Kim: I…I’m myself again, but different…am I dead? I can’t go home, can I?

Integra: No, you can’t.

Kim: can I stay here? you have a big house…

Integra: We can arrange that.

Kim: what’ll happen to my family?

Integra: …We’ll figure out something.

Kim: this isn’t what I thought being a sailor knight would be like…I figured it would be fun, like that video game…

Integra: Let’s go to my office. We’ll explain everything.

Kim: you have your own office? cool!

Alex: …so the only real enigma is that masked vampire?

Integra: We can’t discern his motives.

And yet…and yet, I think he’s on our side. Not just because he’s saved my life a few times, either. I feel…safe with him. Like he couldn’t hurt me, even if he wanted to. Like he would protect me from anything, if it were in his power to do so.

Let There Be Guns 15/48

Let There Be Guns 15/48 published on 1 Comment on Let There Be Guns 15/48

Pip: Sure we can’t help? My rates are very reasonable.

Ann: Nonsense. You’re a guest. This isn’t your fight.

I’m putting my best people on this. You get to the roof. There’s a helicopter waiting for exactly this sort of emergency–


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