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Act 4 Page 8

Act 4 Page 8 published on 1 Comment on Act 4 Page 8

Integra: How can she become a sailor knight now?

Alunacard: You and Alex must release her from the vampire’s control.

Integra: You knew this was going to happen, didn’t you?

Alunacard: Yes.

Integra: Why didn’t you tell us beforehand, then?? We could have prevented it! Saved her!

Alunacard: It had to happen.

Integra: What??

Alunacard: Before she could assume her Sailor Knight form, Kim had to die and become a ghoul.

Integra: Does that mean she’s Sailor Ghoul?

Alunacard: Yes.

Integra: Alunacard, tell me the truth. Will anyone else need to die for us to find the other Sailor Knights and the Master?

Alunacard: …No.

Integra: Now, where’s Kim?

Alunacard: Upstairs. She went to the balcony.

Integra: Hellsing Power…

Alex: Regenerator Power…

Let There Be Guns 10/48

Let There Be Guns 10/48 published on 1 Comment on Let There Be Guns 10/48

Mercutio was designed by Mars; Preybird, another Tobias Kelle creation.

Seras (thinking): Why am I even thinking about this? He’s a pervert! He must be! Why else would I get so upset when he hits on me?

Double-action .357 magnum Colt Python

Seras (thinking): But still..I can’t stand the idea of him flirting with somebody else…so what does that mean?

Dual-barreled machine gun, double-box feed type. 200 shot per ammo box.

Seras: AUGH! I don’t know what I want!

Ann: We do have more prototypes in the next room…

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