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Act 4 Page 5

Act 4 Page 5 published on 1 Comment on Act 4 Page 5

Integra: But still, it makes me wonder just how many of my thoughts he can read…and what other secrets he’s keeping.

Alex: Has he ever actually lied to you outright?

Integra: Not as far as I know…aha!

Alunacard! Where have you been? What kept you?

Alunacard: Kim.

Integra: And where is she?

Alunacard: Right now? She’s past the edge of the suburbs, and making her way towards the Hellsing mansion. Come on.

Integra: What’s the rush? Even if she reaches the mansion, the guards won’t shoot a human. At most, she’ll be taken into their custody.

Alex: I think you owe us a few answers, Alunacard!

Let There Be Guns 7/48

Let There Be Guns 7/48 published on 1 Comment on Let There Be Guns 7/48

Scarlet here was designed by Adam Griffith.

Pip: Hey, can I take this one down?

Ann: Sure thing!

Pip: Aww, yeah.

Seras: Careful, Captain…a person might think you’re trying to compensate for something.

Modified Pancor Jackhammer gas-operated shotgun. Fires blessed 12-gauge slugs at 240 rounds per minute.

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