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Let There Be Guns 5/48

Let There Be Guns 5/48 published on 1 Comment on Let There Be Guns 5/48

Note from The Future: It’s a trip to be transcribing this storyline after 7 years of doing BICP. I keep almost typing Ann Walker.

A huge thanks to everyone who submitted entries for the gun contest. I’m going to try to draw every single one into the strip over the next couple of weeks. As for which three our heroes will take home with them – well, you’ll just have to wait and see….

Ann: Integra.

Integra: Ann.

Ann: You grew up.

Integra: You still don’t have pupils.

Ann: I hear you need some guns.

Integra: I warn you, I’m as hard to please as my father was.

Ann: Oh, I bet we’ve got somethin’ you’ll like.

Act 4 Page 1

Act 4 Page 1 published on No Comments on Act 4 Page 1


Integra (narrating): I’m Integra Wingates Van Helsing. Secretly leader of the Hellsing Organization.

Integra: Ugh…why did I set my alarm when it’s Saturday?

Integra (narrating): Also — and this is an even bigger secret — a Sailor Knight, one of four, looking for the others.

Alunacard: Because you wanted to meet with Alexandra this morning.

Integra (narrating): This is Alunacard, my talking dog. (Don’t ask.) He gave Alex and me the means to turn into Sailor Knights.

Integra: It was a rhetorical question, Alunacard.

Alunacard: Ah.

Integra (narrating): A classmate named Kim was also supposed to get Sailor Knight powers last night, but I haven’t seen her since.

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