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Bringing Nazi Back 11/11

Bringing Nazi Back 11/11 published on No Comments on Bringing Nazi Back 11/11

Enrico: But eliminating the traitors in our own ranks will not, by itself, be enough. We need to erase these vile, heretical sinners, and also the Nazis, off of God’s earth altogether. We’re going to let them tear each other to pieces, and then we will sweep in and wipe out the survivors, and then Integra will finally recognize how much better I am than her, and…

Renaldo: Father Maxwell!

Enrico: Father Renaldo! It’s been a while!

Renaldo: And you think you haven’t gotten enough panel time recently?

I’m only going to appear for long enough to say: “A high-speed craft just left Brazilian airspace, heading north. We think it’s Millennium. Should we let Hellsing know?”

[To be continued!]

Act 3 Page 13

Act 3 Page 13 published on No Comments on Act 3 Page 13

Integra: We can’t possibly do that–

Alunacard: Yes…actually, we can.

Kim: Eeeeek! Talking eight-eyed dog!

Integra (thinking): I though the Sailor Knights were chosen by destiny.

Alunacard (thinking): They are. She already is one. But she doesn’t need to know that.

Integra (thinking): And since when are you telepathic?

Alunacard (thinking): Since always. I just haven’t had cause to make use of the ability before.

Integra: I don’t like you keeping secrets from me, Alunacard.

Kim: Aiiieee!
[she’s thrilled by vampires, but talking dogs freak her out?]

Alunacard: …

Integra: It sounds as though our backup is here. Alex, Alunacard, get Kim out of here.

Ale: Come on.

Soldier: Miss Integra? Are you out here?

Integra: Here I am, Commander. The targets have been silenced. Deal with the dust piles and sweep the area for ghouls.

Soldier: Yes, ma’am!

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