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Bringing Nazi Back 10/11

Bringing Nazi Back 10/11 published on 1 Comment on Bringing Nazi Back 10/11

You can see the actual interrogation in Hellsing, volume 4, chapter 2. (Takes place on July 13, 1999.)

Enrico: It’s hysterical, is what it is…that one of our own people could be so weak…


Yumiko: Father…

Enrico: No, don’t worry, Yumiko. It’s okay.

I had Heinkel shoot the guy, so I feel a lot better now.

Yumiko: …oh.

Act 3 Page 11

Act 3 Page 11 published on No Comments on Act 3 Page 11

Integra: And as for you–

Kim: That was amazing! You guys are some kind of superheroes, right? And you fight vampires! Vampires really exist! And suck blood, and everything! But I’ve never read about anything like you before. What a story this will make!

Integra: You’re not going to make any stories out of this, Kim. Sailor Regenerator? The film.

Kim: Wait a minute…you know my name? Do I know you?

Integra: No.

Kim: That scar on her face…those glasses…she’s Alex Anderson, isn’t she?

Integra (thinking): Drat.

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