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Bringing Nazi Back 7/11

Bringing Nazi Back 7/11 published on 1 Comment on Bringing Nazi Back 7/11

Yumiko: Please, Father Maxwell, I have to ask…was there a similar division in Japan?

Enrico: Oh, yes. A vicious one, too.

Yumiko: What happened to them?

Enrico: Oh, there’s no chance of them coming back. They were based in Nagasaki.

Act 3 Page 8

Act 3 Page 8 published on No Comments on Act 3 Page 8

Leif: Surprised? It wasn’t hard to subdue your friend.

Jessica: Now, don’t make a move, or your little human acquaintance gets it in the neck.

Integra (thinking): Kim! If only she had stopped spying when I told her to…! It would be easy to let her become a casualty, but it wouldn’t be right…Masked Vampire! Now would be a good time to appear!


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