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Bringing Nazi Back 4/11

Bringing Nazi Back 4/11 published on 1 Comment on Bringing Nazi Back 4/11

Enrico: It goes back to World War II. Nazi Germany. No morals. No humanity. No goal except domination of the world.

To that end, they would do anything…

…including experiments with vampires. Every self-respecting evil secret organization tries it at some point.

Act 3 Page 3

Act 3 Page 3 published on 1 Comment on Act 3 Page 3

Integra: You idiot!

Spying? Who told you to spy? You can’t just go violating a person’s privacy like that! I asked for information, not illegal video!

You’re such a child, Kim. You and your conspiracy theories. This isn’t America, you know! Grow up and leave Alexandra alone!

Teacher: Class is about to begin! Everyone take your seats!

Kim (thinking): Just now, Integra looked so…well, she was furious, but she also looked much older…

Voice: The last one I sent failed miserably. Will you two fare any better? Will you succeed or will you die?

Leif: Oh, stop worrying. We can’t die!

We’ll exist forever. And we’ll send your message out to England!

Jessica: To the British empire. To Protestantism. And to the Hellsing Organization!

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