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Karaoke: Dentist

Karaoke: Dentist published on 1 Comment on Karaoke: Dentist

To the tune of “Dentist” from Little Shop of Horrors. Lyrics parodied by Noodle.

When I was younger, just a bad little mid’
My master noticed funny things I did
Like flushing blood down the toilet bowl
I wouldn’t drink it, and when I was told
I’d run from Anderson with my Master’s head!
That’s when my master said

[Zorin and Co.]
What did he say?

He said, “Police Girl, I think someday
You’ll find a way
To give your natural tendencies sway
You’ll be a midian
You have a talent for trying to live

[Zorin and Co.]

Child, be a midian
Accept all the powers warm blood can give

[Zorin and Co.]

You’re unfit to walk out in sunlight
And dying would suit you still less!
Seras, be a dentist
You’ll be a success!

[Zorin and Co.]
Here she is, men, the leader of the bugs!
Watch her spit out that blood, oh my God!
She’s no midian
And she’ll never ever be any good
Who wants to be killed by this little shrimp?
That doesn’t hurt!
She’s so dumb!

Oh, shut up.
Bare your necks
Here I come!

I am a midian
And I enjoy the victim that I picked
I am your midian
And I get off on the pain I inflict!
When I start destroying your army
You freaks will scream til you go barmy

And though it may cause my comrades distress
Somewhere in London around me
I hope my Master’s proud of me
‘Cause I’m a midian…
And a success!

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