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Act 4 Page 5

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Integra: But still, it makes me wonder just how many of my thoughts he can read…and what other secrets he’s keeping.

Alex: Has he ever actually lied to you outright?

Integra: Not as far as I know…aha!

Alunacard! Where have you been? What kept you?

Alunacard: Kim.

Integra: And where is she?

Alunacard: Right now? She’s past the edge of the suburbs, and making her way towards the Hellsing mansion. Come on.

Integra: What’s the rush? Even if she reaches the mansion, the guards won’t shoot a human. At most, she’ll be taken into their custody.

Alex: I think you owe us a few answers, Alunacard!

Let There Be Guns 7/48

Let There Be Guns 7/48 published on 1 Comment on Let There Be Guns 7/48

Scarlet here was designed by Adam Griffith.

Pip: Hey, can I take this one down?

Ann: Sure thing!

Pip: Aww, yeah.

Seras: Careful, Captain…a person might think you’re trying to compensate for something.

Modified Pancor Jackhammer gas-operated shotgun. Fires blessed 12-gauge slugs at 240 rounds per minute.

Act 4 Page 4

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Integra: Alex!

Alex: Hey, Integra! You’re on time!

Now, why aren’t you ever this punctual on school days?

Integra: I don’t get a lot of sleep.

It’s gray and windy…vampires love days like these.

So where’s Alunacard?

Alex: He’s not with you?

Integra: He’s keeping things from us. He’s telepathic, too, and only told me recently. What else isn’t he telling us?

Alex: Starting with where he is now.

Integra: Exactly.

Alex: Maybe he’s just been tripped over by another girl in a hurry.

Integra: Ha, ha. I never should’ve told you about that.

Let There Be Guns 6/48

Let There Be Guns 6/48 published on 1 Comment on Let There Be Guns 6/48

The Judge Deborah was designed by Haley; the Viper is from an RPG version of Integra, played by Cristina.

The Judge Deborah
Single-action, 9mm semi-automatic with silver-alloy hollow-point ammunition

Integra: Not bad.

Ann: If you see somethin’ you like, we’ll load it up an’ take it down to the gallery.

Pip: Oh, I see something I l–

–never mind.

Integra: No, really, Captain, finish that thought.

Viper .45
Heavily modified Colt handgun, .45 ACP caliber, silver bullets

Act 4 Page 3

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Brenner: I am not a trash can, pointy-hair!

Integra: Don’t waste my time today, creep! I’m in a hurry!

Brenner: And where could a carefree child be off to in such a hurry on a Saturday morning, pointy-hair?

Integra: I’m not a child! And don’t call me pointy-hair!


I may be young, but I’m certainly not “carefree.” Don’t make assumptions about things you don’t understand.

[walk walk walk]

The World According to And Shine Heaven Now

The World According to And Shine Heaven Now published on 1 Comment on The World According to And Shine Heaven Now

Also on DA.

U.K. — British Library Special Ops
Government-sponsored. Bibliomaniacs. Fight literature-related crime, worldwide if necessary, when beneficial to their own interests. Employ paper users.

U.K. — Hellsing
Government-sponsored. Anglican. World’s best vampire hunters. Employ vampires as well.

Japan — STN-J
Local branch of Solomon. Witch hunters. Employ “craft users”, distinguished from “witches” by semantics.

Rome — Solomon
International, ancient order of witch hunters. Experiment on witches.

U.S.A. — Warbucks
Independent business. Arms dealers, advisers to political powerbrokers. World’s best weapon tech.

France — Holy League
Local branch of Iscariot. Sick of hearing jokes about French people surrendering.

Brazil — Millennium
(Refugees from Germany.)
Government-sponsored. Vampire researchers. Known to use vampires, I-jin, demons, and anything else they can get. Goal: war, war, and more war.

Vatican — Section XIII: Iscariot
Government-sponsored. Catholic. Hunters of supernatural creatures, heretics (here defined as “anybody not Catholic”), anyone who puts Catholics worldwide in danger. Use regenerators. Avowed fanatics.

China — Dokusensha
“Hermit Readers’ Guild.” Government-sponsored. Rivals to British Library for dominance in literary fields. Employ paper users. Known to use I-jin.

Japan — ???
Government-sponsored. War-era researchers into vampirism, etc. Defunct.

Act 4 Page 2

Act 4 Page 2 published on 1 Comment on Act 4 Page 2

Integra (thinking): Too bad she couldn’t just come here…

[Integra replay mode]

Integra: Walter, do you think I could bring a friend over?

Integra (narrating): Walter is more like an uncle than my real uncle ever was. But now he’s technically under my command.

Walter: Certainly, you could.

Integra: I mean, should I?

Integra (thinking): I have to choose my words well. He’ll never forbid me anything. So if I want his opinion, I have to ask for advice, not permission.

Walter: I don’t think it would be wise. There’s no way to completely conceal what we do here from a visitor.

[End replay] Oh well — the park isn’t far away.

Woman: Here, take a flyer!

Integra (thinking): Hm. Some new video game.

As if I’d have time to play it!


Voice: Hey!

Integra (thinking):

Let There Be Guns 5/48

Let There Be Guns 5/48 published on 1 Comment on Let There Be Guns 5/48

Note from The Future: It’s a trip to be transcribing this storyline after 7 years of doing BICP. I keep almost typing Ann Walker.

A huge thanks to everyone who submitted entries for the gun contest. I’m going to try to draw every single one into the strip over the next couple of weeks. As for which three our heroes will take home with them – well, you’ll just have to wait and see….

Ann: Integra.

Integra: Ann.

Ann: You grew up.

Integra: You still don’t have pupils.

Ann: I hear you need some guns.

Integra: I warn you, I’m as hard to please as my father was.

Ann: Oh, I bet we’ve got somethin’ you’ll like.

Act 4 Page 1

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Integra (narrating): I’m Integra Wingates Van Helsing. Secretly leader of the Hellsing Organization.

Integra: Ugh…why did I set my alarm when it’s Saturday?

Integra (narrating): Also — and this is an even bigger secret — a Sailor Knight, one of four, looking for the others.

Alunacard: Because you wanted to meet with Alexandra this morning.

Integra (narrating): This is Alunacard, my talking dog. (Don’t ask.) He gave Alex and me the means to turn into Sailor Knights.

Integra: It was a rhetorical question, Alunacard.

Alunacard: Ah.

Integra (narrating): A classmate named Kim was also supposed to get Sailor Knight powers last night, but I haven’t seen her since.

Let There Be Guns 4/48

Let There Be Guns 4/48 published on 1 Comment on Let There Be Guns 4/48

Pip’s thoughts: “If this ‘Ann’ was alive during World War II, she must be as old as Mr. Yellow. It’s too bad….” / “I’ve never been so glad to be wrong.”

Pip (thinking): Si cette “Ann” était vivante pendant le Deuxième Guerre Mondiale, elle doit être aussi vielle que M. Jaune. C’est vraiment dommage…

Dugan: Ms. Warbucks will see you now.

Integra: Thank you, Mr. Dugan.

Pip (thinking): On n’a jamais été plus heureux de faire erreur.

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