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What Dreams May Come 22/27

What Dreams May Come 22/27 published on 1 Comment on What Dreams May Come 22/27

This storyline is just full of callbacks, isn’t it? Seras refers to this scene.

Seras: Does Sir Integra know about this? She must, right? She knows everything about vampires.

Alucard: Now, why exactly would you bring our Master into this?

Seras: It’s just, she asked me to bite her once, so I–

Alucard: She did WHAT?

Act 2 Page 8

Act 2 Page 8 published on No Comments on Act 2 Page 8


Alex: The school hallway is full of bodies?! These aren’t students! Who are these people?

Integra: All my soldiers! How could this have happened?

Alex: Wait a minute. “Your” soldiers?

Alunacard: Just as I thought. This is no ordinary vampire. Transform!

Integra: Hellsing Power — Make Up!

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