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What Dreams May Come 20/27

What Dreams May Come 20/27 published on 1 Comment on What Dreams May Come 20/27

Alucard: But for yourself, police girl…you need to drink.

Seras: Don’t change the subject!

Alucard: I’m not.

There is a reason Victorian novelists used vampirism as a way to write stories about sex without getting them censored. Drinking isn’t just about sustenance. It’s about pleasure.

Act 2 Page 6

Act 2 Page 6 published on 1 Comment on Act 2 Page 6

Walter: Your phone. Fox is on duty. Here’s his number.

Integra: Fox, it’s Integra. You’re being sent down to Manchester.

Fox: On whose authority?

Integra: Mine, of course.

Fox: Yours and whose else’s?

Integra: You don’t need any other authority. I am the head of the Hellsing Organization.

Fox: You’re also a thirteen-year-old girl. I can’t send my troops out based on a child’s orders.

Integra: Determining how qualified I am to give orders is not your responsibility.

Fox: But the safety of my men is.

Integra: Not anymore.

Fox: What?

Integra: Pack your things and return your uniform, badge, and gun. You’re fired, Fox.

Fox: You can’t–!

Integra: I can, I will, and I just did.

Did I do that well, Walter?


Walter: Integra, you were magnificent! You’ll make a fine commander of Hellsing!

Integra: can’t…breathe…

“A fine commander,” he said! I can do this, Alunacard! I can!

Alunacard: Good to hear. There’s something odd about this case — I think you’d better see to it personally, as Sailor Hellsing.

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