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Betrayal 17/17

Betrayal 17/17 published on 1 Comment on Betrayal 17/17

Integra: And, Walter, while we’re gone…

Walter: Yes?

Integra: Readman may try to get in touch with us.

Keep an eye open for possible messages.

Walter: Understood.

Integra: Also, Seras’ catboy will be staying here.

Try to keep him out of trouble.

Walter: Yes, Sir Integra.

[Limited release complete. To be continued…]

Framing Device 1

Framing Device 1 published on No Comments on Framing Device 1


There’s a bizarre story behind these pages.

Two years ago the artist, one Naoko Hirano, pitched a terribly compelling manga series. She included pints of half a chapter, and the publisher was so intrigued that they immediately made an offer. They never heard back.

She was reported missing the next day. Police found nothing. She’s now presumed dead.

Here’s the thing. In her house were discovered the roughs for the entire first arc of the series. They’ve been held by the police as evidence, but we finally got ahold of them. A lot of the art is barely sketched, but the story’s just as solid as promised.

We’ve done minimal retouching for the sake of legibility, but other than that, this mysterious artist’s work is left to stand on its own.

Let me know what you think!


Betrayal 16/17

Betrayal 16/17 published on 1 Comment on Betrayal 16/17

Integra: It’s a nine-hour flight. I’ll have time to rest. It’s not as if I’m going into battle. I’ll be okay.

One would almost think you’re worried about me.

Alucard: Master…


Walter: Chicago, Sir Integra? Shall I ready a plane, and pack your bag?

Integra: Ah! Walter! Yes. Please do that.

Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing

Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing published on 1 Comment on Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing

To see the whole thing:
Start from page 1

To see the pages never posted before:
Skip to the Chapter 16 intro page

If all you want is an executive summary of the fun bits:
Skip to the arc overviews

Other links:
Chapter index | Characters | Artbook

A most unlikely fusion. Lots of genderswap and short skirts.

Originally drawn around 2004. The first half-dozen pages were redrawn circa 2009, then I realized I didn’t have the stamina to redraw the entire thing, and decided to upload the sketchy original versions as-is.

This archive includes everything from the original site…plus some half-finished chapters that were never uploaded before!

(Back in the day, I didn’t think it was fair to tease an arc I wasn’t going to finish. Now I just want to share every existing drawing of Chibi-Laura.)

Betrayal 14/17

Betrayal 14/17 published on 1 Comment on Betrayal 14/17

Integra: Captain Bernadette. Officer Victoria. Pack your bags for a two-day trip to Chicago. Dismissed.

Pip: Field trip!

Seras: I’ve never been to America before.

Alucard: So you’re going to see Ann. Am I invited?

Integra: We’re going to make a business deal with her, not assassinate her.

Betrayal 13/17

Betrayal 13/17 published on 1 Comment on Betrayal 13/17

Integra: Alucard will appreciate this part. We’re going to need some new weapons.

Seras: But the guns we have right now were designed by Walter. Of all the people we know we can trust…!

Integra: True. But they are manufactured by a member of the Round Table. Sir Shelby Penwood. Him, I am not at all sure about.

Betrayal 11/17

Betrayal 11/17 published on 1 Comment on Betrayal 11/17

Back in Integra’s office:

Pip: So…we don’t know who we’re fighting, we don’t know where they’ll attack from, and we don’t know their abilities.

Integra: In short, yes.

Pip: Then what are we going to do?

Alucard: Isn’t it obvious, Captain…?

Betrayal 10/17

Betrayal 10/17 published on 1 Comment on Betrayal 10/17

Schrödinger: Maggie Mui. Born fifteen years ago in Hong Kong. Named for her mother, who never knew the identity of that gentleman secret agent.

She’s always been easy to please. Give her a cupboard to sit in and a good book, and she’s thrilled. But it would be just as easy to make her UNhappy.

Just keep that in mind.

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