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And Shine Hellslight Now

And Shine Hellslight Now published on 1 Comment on And Shine Hellslight Now

This is the first and last time Shine will mention the Twilight saga. (However, the font is gorgeous, and will be showing up again.) Also available over on DeviantArt.

Teenager Integra Swan has just moved to the little town of Knives, where she falls for hot vampire Alucard Cullen…

Alucard: Integra…I love you.

But there is something I must tell you. There is a reason why vampires don’t go out in sunlight…

…here, let me take my shirt off and show you.

Integra: O-okay!


Alucard: I don’t scare you?

Integra: No more than usual.

it’s just…for some reason, I was expecting you to sparkle.

Alucard: Don’t be silly. Who ever heard of a vampire sparkling?

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