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Heinkel vs. Gender, Part 3

Heinkel vs. Gender, Part 3 published on 1 Comment on Heinkel vs. Gender, Part 3

Warning! Discussion of naughty bits coming up. Read at your own risk!

Heinkel: Timothy? Are you up there?

Timothy: No!

Heinkel; Right. I’m coming up. Just a minute.

I know you’re a little freaked out at this point. Most people are. But if you want to keep working with Iscariot, you need to adjust. Don’t freeze up on me now, kid. Say something.

Timothy: You…you have…

Heinkel: Breasts?

Timothy: Yes!

And…and a…

Heinkel: Penis?

Timothy: Yes!

Heinkel: There’s a pseudovaginal opening down there, too. Did you see?

Timothy: I didn’t look that closely, I swear!

To be continued, as soon as Timothy stops panicking…

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