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Otakon 2008: Shine Edition

Otakon 2008: Shine Edition published on 1 Comment on Otakon 2008: Shine Edition

The lone person who found her way to the Shine meetup was cosplaying Chiyo-chan, but I drew her as Integra glomping Alucard. (She actually glomped Xuanwu so that I could get the poses right.)

Starring: Xuanwu / Erin / Hellhound

Xuanwu: Look! A Yomiko cosplayer! And she’s wearing glasses!

[Line for OVA IV]

Major: Gentlemen, I so love war!

Crowd: EEEE!

Xuanwu: There’s a Robin cosplayer! And she remembered the glasses!

Erin: Do want!

[Hellsing fan panel]

Fan: What’s the quote on Alucard’s coffin?

Erin (thinking): My site explains that.

Fan: Wo’s the guy who shoots “the spirit of the Jackal”?

Erin (thinking): My site explains that.

Fan: What is “Coyote” and where can I find a copy?

Erin (thinking): My site explains that.

Fan: “Coyote” can be found on the site “Shine Hellsing Now”…

[Thanks for the shoutout, anonymous person!]

[Shine fan meetup]

Fan: I love your comic!

Erin: I’m glad one person showed up!

Xuanwu: Look! A Sailor Mercury cosplayer with glasses!

[A nearby cafe]

Xuanwu: Should I put evil schemes into motion for you?

Erin: No evil schemes, Xuan.

Xuanwu: Rippy! Glasses! Eeee!

[PGSM panel]

Xuanwu: I have never been around so many Sailor Moon fans in my life.

I got you cat ears!

I’m in despair! The end of the con has left me in despair!

Erin: Next year!

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