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Colbert Dance-Off

Colbert Dance-Off published on 1 Comment on Colbert Dance-Off

Enrico’s dance-off, from Catholicon, begins here.

No wonder the Colbert Report dance-off (between Stephen and Korean rapper Rain, from May 5, 2008) felt like something I’d seen before.

Enrico: Get me the Colbert Report studio.

Operator: We only have one number for them, and it’s–

Enrico: I don’t care! Just dial!

Stephen: This is Ste–

Enrico: Listen up, Colbert! I can accept that we both have the “strictly observant, heavily repressed Catholic” thing going on. And I know I don’t have a monopoly on being an overachieving megalomaniac as a result of a painful and lonely childhood.

I don’t mind that you also have a ridiculously tall and scarily aggressive older man as a substitute father figure…

Anderson: Did he just compare us?

O’Reilly: I think he did.

Enrico: …or that you’ve copied my professed hate for, and repressed lust after, your rival with the pretty blue eyes.

Integra: Did he just compare us?!

Jon: Please don’t hurt me.

Enrico: You can’t really help that. But having a DDR-based dance-off with an athletic and sexy young Asian…


Stephen: So…are you calling to apologize for copying my bits in advance, or what?

Enrico: …I hate you. So much.

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