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Computer Breakdown MSPaint Theatre

Computer Breakdown MSPaint Theatre published on 3 Comments on Computer Breakdown MSPaint Theatre

Note from The Future: I consolidated the full week’s worth of MSPaint filler into one post. You’re welcome.

Skip the guest strips for the continuation of the storyline.

Pip: What the…?

We look completely ridiculous! We’re just scribbles! You can barely tell who I am! (Pip, by the way.) Is Erin being lazy again?

Seras: No…

…her hard drive just crashed. Completely. Most of the data is backed up, but not this week’s comics. And she can’t re-scan and recreate them, because the computer won’t even boot.

Pip: Oh…

That must suck. No offense.

Seras: None taken.

Pip: So Erin doesn’t have a computer at all right now?

Seras: Nope. This is done on a library computer. WIth a mouse. In…*shudder*…MSPaint.


Pip: Is that going to happen every time we say “MSPaint”?


Seras: Yyyyep.

Pip: How long are we going to be stuck in the world of MS…




Seras: Dunno. Until she gets a new laptop and reinstalls her art programs, I guess.

Pip: Well, I hope it’s soon.

I want my arms back!

Seras: Me too!

Pip: And my legs!

Seras: Me too!

Pip: And your boobs!

Seras: Me t–hey!

Pip: You know, readers, if you’re feeling sympathetic to Erin’s terrible plight, and you want to reach out to her in a show of solidarity, just click the “Donate” button to your left…

Seras: HEY! That’s shameless emotional manipulation for the sake of a few bucks!

Pip: I’m a mercenary! What do you want from me?

Pip: Can we at least guilt the readers into sending guest strips?

Seras: You mean like when other people do comics about these characters and send them to

Pip: Yeah, that!

Seras: I don’t see why not.

Pip: Would there be any requirements or standards for these comics?

Seras: Nope. I think it’s pretty clear that Erin will run pretty much anything right now.

Pip: And what about the storyline/ When will it pick up again?

Seras: As soon as Erin has her art programs back. Can you imagine trying to draw a regular strip in this style? It would be terrible!

Pip: Hey, you’re right!

Seras: And action scenes! You’d have no idea what was going on!

Pip: No kidding!

Seras: Why, in this style I bert you wouldn’t even be able to tell whether Heinkel is a man or a woman!

Pip: Yeah! …wait.

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