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Raid the Sketchbook – Buddhism Notes

Raid the Sketchbook – Buddhism Notes published on 1 Comment on Raid the Sketchbook – Buddhism Notes

This is how my notes looked in Buddhism class last year. Actually, it’s pretty much how all my class notes look.

– Integra as…some kind of devil, I guess.

– Brahman is described as “the adorable being in all beings.” This is certainly adorable, no?

– Mrowr.

– Military Integra?

– Determined young Integra.

– Swashbuckling Integra.

– Integra and Minako (Sailor Venus) end up in similar situations: thirteen-year-olds forced to defend England against overwhelming danger that most people don’t even realize exists. Minako is more outwardly cheerful, but both have it rough.

– Sailor V! (Alucard is overjoyed to see her.)

– Mahou Shoujocard!

– From the adventures of Shoujocard: [Seras] “Onee-sama, please accept this letter!”

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