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The Cursed Storyline – Rose Bride Backstory

The Cursed Storyline – Rose Bride Backstory published on 2 Comments on The Cursed Storyline – Rose Bride Backstory

This is one of many, many ways to summarize the events of Revolutionary Girl Utena: from Anthy’s perspective.

The name “Utena” means “calyx”: the part of a plant that protects a flower before it blooms. On the face of it, it looks like Utena is the heroine of the series; but if you look at it another way, she’s just the vehicle to help Anthy bloom.

A fairy tale: Once upon a time, a princess was a captive in a tower. (This was easier than living out in the hostile world.)

At last, a noble prince appeared to rescue her. This prince gave everything to protect her. In the end, the prince vanished.

But now the princess had found her own strength. She bid farewell to her supposed captor…

…removed the symbols of her submission, which no longer held any power over her…and set off into the world that she had been hiding from.

She was ready to live her own life — and to seek her lost prince. She no longer needed to be saved. Now she was ready to meet her beloved as an equal.

As always, she had her faithful friend at her side.


In retrospect, leaving her glasses behind was not the best idea.

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