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The Cursed Storyline – The Story So Far (in limericks)

The Cursed Storyline – The Story So Far (in limericks) published on 1 Comment on The Cursed Storyline – The Story So Far (in limericks)

Between the break and your (hopefully exciting) holiday, you may have lost track of the current storyline. So here is
The Story So Far
summarized, in limerick form.

There once was a young guy named Tim
Whose future looked terribly grim.
Then one day he met
Father Maxwell, and said,
“I’d like to grow up just like him!”

It’s Timothy’s very first mission
And he’s in a most trying position.
For Heinkel’s in charge
And too snarky by far.
To poor Tim it’s almost like sedition.

They’re off to Japan, where (they say)
There’s magic almost ev’ry day.
Kids have secret powers
More often than ours
But one is a witch we must slay.

She’s somewhere at Lillian High,
Where Yumiko once said goodbye
To a soeur she loved dearly
But never showed Yumie.
(Will they meet again soon? Oh my!)

Now, the other witch hunters in town
Hate Iscariot messing around
Or searching for quarry
In their territory.
Enter Robin, to take this group down.

The girls at the school, all the while,
Are thinking, with sweet gentle smiles,
The Church’s profession
Is to hear confessions.
They don’t know it’s getting hostile.

There’s a showdown approaching, and soon:
Later on, on this fine afternoon,
The two sides will meet
And engage on the street
Like the men in an Old West saloon.

Of course, in all this there’s a hitch:
Both sides are still seeking the witch.
One just wants her dead;
One would [spoilers] instead.
Now, she’s one of these schoolgirls — but which?

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