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Make A Card #4

Make A Card #4 published on No Comments on Make A Card #4

More of those forms which Alucard has yet to take, but which he could, if he ever felt like it…

Sent forth from a Pokécoffin to do battle. Deadly and marketable!

Captain Pi-card
Boldly going where no vampire has gone before.

Great design. Very functional, too. (But PC is still cuter.)
– Hi, I’m an iCard.
– And I’m a PC.

Alucard secretly dreams of being a Britpop idol. Known as “Vampire Spice.”
[If you wanna be a vampire…]

When Hellsing is really strapped for cash, they rent him out to birthday parties.

And speaking of birthdays….

Integra: Why are you naked.

Alucard: It’s my birthday suit! “Birthday Card”, get it?

Integra: Get. Dressed. Now.

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