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Birthday Bash 54/85

Birthday Bash 54/85 published on 2 Comments on Birthday Bash 54/85

Pip: “It’s strange . . . this is a real cake. I thought women only jumped out of cardboard cakes . . .”

“I hope she knows what she’s doing!”

(Which is true, by the way. It’s a solid fake cake mold. There’s frosting on the paper over the top, so that the entertainer will get frosted on the way out, but that’s all. I’m surprised Pip doesn’t know this for sure; he’s clearly done this before. Maybe he was paying too much attention to the chick to notice the cake.)

Maid: This cake is so heavy! What’s in it? Rocks?

Pip: Er…I hope not…

Pip (thinking): C’est étrance…c’est un vrai gâteau. J’ai pensé que les femmes n’ont sautillé que de gâteau de carton…

J’espère qu’elle sait ce qu’elle fait!

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