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Make A Card #3

Make A Card #3 published on 1 Comment on Make A Card #3

Not all forms of Alucard are created equal. Just compare these two…

In releasing the souls that he had collected over five hundred years of draining the life from people, Alucard regressed to a physical form much more like his original human self, complete with beard.

In typing “Beardcard”, a fan’s fingers slipped.

Super Mario Kard
The long-time mascot of Hellsintendo. None of his games have “Sunshine” in the title.

The hellhound mascot of Hellsintendo’s rival gaming company, Hellsega.

Pretty much the same, except that he hangs upside down more often.

Spartacard (Lioniducard)
“This is HELLSIIIIING!!!!!” In 300 days, no one will get this eme.

Christmas Card
Brings toys to all the good little vampires, and shoots the rest. Coal would be too easy.

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