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Birthday Bash 22/85

Birthday Bash 22/85 published on 1 Comment on Birthday Bash 22/85

You’ll recall that the Shine timeline (ever since the time-traveling adventure threw it for a loop) follows the events of OVA I & II, with a few additions. For example, the events surrounding Kim (TV anime, Order 04) still happen. So does Seras’ meeting with Helena, and Helena’s subsequent death (Order 08, Order 11). Ditto for the investigation of MI-5 agent Harry Anders (present in both).

The major difference: Helena’s involvement is not intertwined with the Incognito attack (since, in the OVA, there never was one). Instead, it’s intertwined with the Valentine brothers’ attack.

As in the TV series, it still isn’t clear in the Shine timeline who blew up Harry Anders’ car, nor who burned down Helena’s flat.

Seras (thinking): My old flat. I haven’t been back here since before the attack on the mansion. Then I was interrupted by the MI-5 agent who took me to Helena…


What’s that? Kittens?

Schrödinger (???): Mew?

Seras: Whoa! You’re not a kitten!

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