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Birthday Bash 42/85

Birthday Bash 42/85 published on 1 Comment on Birthday Bash 42/85

In the 42nd strip in this storyline, it’s only fair that there be a Hitchhiker’s Guide reference.

Walter: And if I could also mention, very briefly…

Integra: Enough.

I can take a hint. I’ll be out in just a minute.

Walter: You don’t have to trouble yourself, sir…

Integra: On the contrary. A leader should not conduct too much business in the bath.

Birthday Bash 41/85

Birthday Bash 41/85 published on 1 Comment on Birthday Bash 41/85

Walter: If I might for a moment touch upon the subject of your clothing…

Integra: We’ve been over this.

I’m not wearing the blue dress. Alucard likes it too much.

Walter: I only wanted to suggest, sir…

…that we ought to have you fitted for a tuxedo.

Integra: Walter, you’re a wonder.

Otakon Story 2007

Otakon Story 2007 published on 1 Comment on Otakon Story 2007

Shortly before the con.
panel organizers were told to resubmit their panels very quickly. The fans organizing the Hellsing Ultimate panel were away at the time, and missed the deadline.

On hearing the news,
Hellsing fans tried to petition the con for an exception, but were firmly told that it wasn’t going to happen.

So on Friday
two dozen of us gathered for the Ultimate Unofficial Hellsing Ultimate Unofficial Panel of Unofficial Ultimateness. Crowded, disorganized, geeky, and fun. (I had lost my camera, so I took pictures with a friend’s. They’ll be along soon.)

[Me drawing Integra and Girlycard, as a request. Keep an eye on DeviantArt for the colored version.]

On Saturday,
the schedule had a mysterious panel with no description — only the title “Hellsing Ultimate.”

When it started
we gathered in the room (one of the largest at the convention) and waited for the panelists to show up…

[The hellhound attacking Rip (aka Amanda, aka Stalker #1) with her own musket — as made by Jon (aka Random Hellsing Grunt, aka Stalker #2). People who hadn’t heard of Hellsing stopped her for photos. He may be taking commissions.]

Half an hour later.
after several calls to Geneon (who were at the con promoting the OVA, as well as their other shows), Otakon staff on-scene found that it wasn’t an industry panel.

So it turns out
the fan-run panel made it back onto the schedule after all! They just…forgot to tell the fans who were running it. Whoops.

On the plus side, on Tuesday,
I finally found that camera!

[Part of the photoshoot. That’s our Rip front and center, and our random Hellsing soldier at the bottom left. I’m next to him — but out of the shot, alas…]

[The grunt has his rematch with Anderson. And dies. Again. Poor guy.]

In the meantime,
if you see pictures of a Young Integra with too-short hair and a hellpuppy plushie — that’s me. (If you happened to take any of these, send me copies!)

Birthday Bash 40/85

Birthday Bash 40/85 published on 2 Comments on Birthday Bash 40/85


Walter: Sir Integra! Post!

Integra: Anything useful in it, Walter?

Walter: Two more replies to party invitations. Agent Paper regrets that she cannot make it.

And Sir Islands says he will be honored to attend.

Integra: Just my luck.

Birthday Bash 39/85

Birthday Bash 39/85 published on 2 Comments on Birthday Bash 39/85

Refers back to this trip (on which Pip took Seras to make up for an earlier blunder involving a wild rose).

Seras: Um, there was one other reason I wanted to see you. After the official party, with the Round Table knights, there’s going to be a smaller party. I’m invited, and I can bring one guest.

And, er, do you want to be my guest?

Pip: Whoa! Does this mean I’m forgiven for Paris?

Seras: Well…if you behave yourself…


Pip: Yesss!! Score!

Birthday Bash 38/85

Birthday Bash 38/85 published on 1 Comment on Birthday Bash 38/85

The poster is of course from Labyrinth. I asked on the forum what movies people thought Seras would like; The Dark Crystal came up, and I almost went with that, but decided it was a little too fanciful.

For those who haven’t seen Labyrinth (and should see it as soon as possible), it’s the story of a teenage girl, lost and threatened, offered incredible power by a creepy-sexy monster King who doesn’t always obey the laws of gravity.

Pip: So why do you need my help to move things in? You’re stronger than I am.

Seras: You’re taller. Besides, I feel stronger than I have in a long time.

Pip: Why, what changed?

Seras: Umm…

[This is 100% virgin blood.]

Don’t ask.

Birthday Bash 37/85

Birthday Bash 37/85 published on 1 Comment on Birthday Bash 37/85

Seras: Wait, you’re in charge of the entertainment for Sir Integra’s party?

Pip: Yeah.

Seras: And not Walter? How did that happen?

Pip: I sort of owed him a favor.

Seras: How come? Did he do something for you, or did you just put bleach in the laundry?

Pip: …Don’t ask.

Birthday Bash 36/85

Birthday Bash 36/85 published on No Comments on Birthday Bash 36/85

Pip: Don’t look so tense, mignonette. You invited me here, remember?

Seras: Yes — and I remember why you thought I was inviting you.

Pip: Well, yeah, but cut me some slack…

“Helping you unpack the stuff from your flat” is not my ideal way to spend time in your room!

Harry Potter 7 Release

Harry Potter 7 Release published on 1 Comment on Harry Potter 7 Release

No coming today because the doujinshi-ka and all the main characters are still working on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (but who am I kidding? — so are the readers.)

[Still in a hastily assembled Young Integra cosplay for Otakon on Saturday]

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