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Fangirl Karaoke: La Vie Hellsing, Part 1

Fangirl Karaoke: La Vie Hellsing, Part 1 published on No Comments on Fangirl Karaoke: La Vie Hellsing, Part 1

This, including the entire remainder of the increasingly complex and intricate song, was written by SarahBelle. More next week!

HellSING! Theatre Presents:

SCENE: The characters who are not yet dead (or deader than usual) stand in the middle of ruined London. Integra climbs onto a handy table that is still in one piece, though scorched.

[To the tune of “La Vie Boheme” from Jonathan Larson’s RENT.]

Integra: Ahem.

Dearly departed, we gather here to fight the good fight–

Maxwell: Dies irae dies illa-…

Integra: Shut up, Maxwell.

Here we are
Our small and valiant band
The last defense of dear England
On this night when we make our final stand
In this little town in Albion
We make a toast
Before we roast
La vie Hellsing!

To days of much frustration
Playing mind games, making fledglings out of police

The need to confess
Is overrated

To going against the norm
Being reborn, turning hard
To hating tension, no mention,

To more than three dimensions,

To starving for prevention

Hating Convention
Hating contention

Not to mention, of course,
Hating old Uncle Richard!

To slice and to bite
Midnight, through the three piece Freaks –
To shrieks, to fans and to geeks,
To weeks and weeks of nights
Of brawls and fights;
To all my poor doomed guards!

To being Integra’s pet, instead of a king:
La vie Hellsing!

[To be continued…]

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